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"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind." - Rudyard Kipling

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The Most Important Vocabulary
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If you want to improve your English vocabulary, you need to try a variety of learning methods. On this page, you can find all kinds of vocabulary lessons. All vocabulary lessons include words 'in context', with clear, easily understood explanations to help students of English.
You can begin with a review by studying the most Basic English Vocabulary which teaches the 200 most commonly used words in English. It is estimated that more than 50% of all conversation is made up using only these 200 words!

If you want to learn language related to work, study Business English which includes excellent sample sentences so you can learn to use your new vocabulary correctly!

More advanced learners can make their English more "colorful" by using more idioms and expressions. Two very good lessons are 25 Common Idioms and 25 More Idioms, both with clear explanations and helpful sample sentences.

As your English improves, you can start to learn vocabulary through stories. To begin, try listening to these English Jokes read out loud by Teacher Joe. If you do not understand the first time, try listening again. The text has new vocabulary in red. Put your mouse over those words for simple explanations.

Another set of lessons with vocabulary (and grammar!) in context are these English Dialogues between two students. One student is from New York and helps an English learner understand more about the language.

Finally, you can learn hundreds of new words quickly by studying words parts. These lessons include prefixes (word beginnings), suffixes (word endings) and word roots from both Greek and Latin.

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