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Useful English Phrases
when taking a Taxi

  • Make sure the driver turns on the meter after you get in the taxi.
  • If the driver seems to be driving in circles, write down his registration number and call the taxi company later.
  • Most drivers are honest, so relax and talk with the driver about the city.
  • Add a tip equal to about 10% to 15% of the total cost. Give a higher tip only if the driver really gave you good service.

    Useful Phrases
  • Welcome to the city. Where to?
  • To the Do Re Mi Hotel.
  • Right away. Where brings you to the city?
  • I'm here on business, but I hope to have some time for sightseeing, too.
  • You should be sure to see the big festival on Monroe Street this week.
  • Okay, thanks for the tip. Are there any other things I should do while I'm here?
  • Don't miss the new art exhibit at the Central Museum. I've heard it's very good.
  • Thanks, that's a big help.
  • Here we are, the Do Re Mi Hotel. The fare is $17.50.
  • Here's $20. Keep the change.
  • Thanks! I hope you have an enjoyable stay here.

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