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Get students to speak out

Timed Pair Practice
Teach students to speak FAST

"Shadow Speaking"
Speaking practice for everyone!

Conversation Control
Create independent speakers

Helping students explain

Using Dictations
Listening with Accuracy

English Rhythm
The key to natural pronunciation

Teach with Songs
Fun and useful lessons

Great Video Lessons
The best lessons for advanced students

Total Physical Response (TPR)
Lively listening practice

Follow-Up Questions
Keeping conversations going

Drawing Pictures
Fun speaking and listening!

Using Games to teach English
How to make games USEFUL

Speaking Bingo
A truly useful ESL game

Logical Listening
A challenging listening game

Advanced TPR
Two examples you can use in class

Error Correction
Keys to effective feedback

Right Brain Activities
Help students use the WHOLE brain

Using Humor
Let students laugh and learn

Questions from Teachers
Common problems in the ESL classroom

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