Resume for Joseph DeVeto

Learning a language is not mainly about knowledge. It is mainly about SKILLS.

Language skills include how to pronounce well, how to speak fluently and easily, how to write clearly, how to listen to English when spoken at natural speed.

Learning skills, such as how to learn vocabulary or how to read faster, allow students to develop their language skills even when a teacher is not present.

Communication skills, which include how to ask for clarification, how to defend an argument, or how to give a great presentation, allow students to succeed in their careers.

Education (Click on any item to see details)

  • Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics (TESL), Indiana University, 1988
  • Bachelor's Degree in Communication, State University of New York, 1986
  • Continued Professional Development

  • Work Experience (Click on any item to see details)

  • Corporate Training
  • University Teaching
  • High School and Junior High Teaching
  • Teacher Training

  • Other Achievements

  • Language Learning
  • Public Speaking
  • Internet Education