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English Dialogues for ESL Students

Bargain in English
How to Negotiate

Job Interviews in English
Get advice to help you
succeed in interviews

Talk About Travel in English
A conversation about a trip

Talk About Kites
Discuss interests in English

Discuss Gift Giving in English
Learn about cultural differences

Talk About
Chinese Medicine

Visiting a Primary School
Talk about schools in English

A New Job Using English
Learn about English on the job

Planning Summer Vacation
Talk about the future in English

Discussing a Trip
Talk about travel in English

Talk About Hiking
Talk about interests in English

Talk about events in English

Talk About Favorite Places
Discuss preferences in English

Talk About Ultimate Frisbee
Discuss sports in English

Happy Holidays!
Talk about customs in English

Talk About English Karaoke
Discuss fun in English

Discuss the Beijing Olympics
Talk about the future in English

Taking Taxis
Talk about getting around

Surfing the Internet
Talk about interests in English

Talking About a Tennis Lesson
Discuss sports in English

Photos in the Park
Talk about interests in English

Silicon Valley?
Talk about a city

Apartment Search
Talk about daily life in English

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