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"Most successful people I've known do more listening than talking." - Bernard Baruch

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Learning to listen more carefully to English will help your speaking more than any other practice. The four types of exercises below will give you a variety of practice that will allow you to watch TV and movies in English in the future.

1. Use dictations to help find and practice sounds that are difficult for you.

2. Listen to Sayings to learn sentences that you can use in English conversations.

3. Learn "Joe's Jokes" to learn both sentences AND new words. Try re-telling these jokes to your friends!

4. Try the English quiz games just for fun!

A fun way to improve
your listening in English

Popular English Sayings
Start to think
in English!

Joe's English Jokes
Learn Vocabulary while
improving your listening

English Quiz Games
Listen and answer
questions in English

Teacher Joe with English students
Joe with some of his Super Students
at the top of Xiang Shan, west of Beijing

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