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Using Maybe, Probably, and Certainly

Step 1:

Learn Key Sentences

a) Maybe I will go home early today or maybe I'll work late. I don't really know yet!

b) I will probably finish at 6:30.

c) We will certainly succeed. I'm sure of it!

Step 2:

Learn How
to Use

a) Maybe is the same as perhaps or might but perhaps is more formal and might is more informal.

b) I will probably do something means the same as I am pretty sure I will do it. It is less than 100% but more than maybe.

c) Certainly and surely are the same, they both mean 100%.

Step 3:

Learn Sample Conversations

Conversation using Maybe, Probably and Certainly

A: What are your plans for the weekend?

B: I'm not sure. Maybe I'll go for a bike ride, or I might stay home and watch a DVD.

A: According to the weather report, it will probably rain tomorrow. They are predicting an 80% chance of rain.

B: Well, it it does rain, then I will definitely stay home.

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