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Lesson 18: ESL Students and Beer, part 2

If you haven't seen ESL Students and Beer, part 1, you should watch it first. The English teacher in that commercial wants his students to practice English, so he takes them to a bar. In the bar, they can use their English skills to try to find a girlfriend! Well, his students are not as good as you, so they have some trouble! The ending is only funny if you watched part 1, so go watch it here now, then come back.

Here's the complete text:

Okay, guys, American chicks love the foreign accent. Go!

You have the thighs of a sherpa!

Say "Hi".


No, not "Hai!" hi. HI...

Hai, hai, hai!

She has your eyes!

Watch "the master" do it, boys! Hellooo. You are so very sexxxxxy!.

Sorry, I'm with someone.

Bood light!

Endless refreshment from start to finish, Bud Light keeps it coming.

We make sandwich, I am meat!

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