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The Best University

Jerry's cousin has just come to Beijng and wants to study Chinese.

Fei: Hi Jerry, what are you looking at?

Jerry: My cousin is in Beijing and wants to study Chinese here. I'm reading about different Chinese programs in universities around the city, but I don't know which one is the best.

Fei: Well, Beijing University is usually considered the best university in China. I'm sure they offer Chinese classes to foreign students.

Jerry: I know that Beida has a 100-year history and has a beautiful campus as well, but there are so many other good universities in Beijing. Take Qinghua University, for example...

Fei: Actually, some people think Qinghua is the best university in all of China, especially for science. They also have a very good Law School. In fact, many top government leaders graduated from Qinghua University.

Jerry: That makes it a tougher choice! Actually, though, my cousin is interested in studying Economics after Chinese. Can she continue her studies of Economics after she learns Chinese at Beida or Qinghua?

Fei: Sure! They both have programs in Economics. But you know, now that I think about it, Renmin University may have a better Economics Department. Some people consider it the best Economics Department in all of China, not just in Beijing.

Jerry: Okay, now I have to consider Renmin University. That's the People's University, right?

Fei: That's right. Renmin University also has a Confucian Research Institute, if your cousin is interested.

Jerry: Probably not, but I'll ask her and see. For now, she is mostly interested in becoming fluent in Chinese.

Fei: In that case, maybe she should go to Beiwai or Beiyu. I mean Beijing Foreign Studies University or Beijing Language University.

Jerry: That's a good idea. I know many students study languages at Beiwai.

Fei: They not only study languages, they can study to become diplomats too.

Jerry: My cousin isn't so interested in working for the government. Maybe Beiyu will suit her better.

Fei: Maybe it will. Not only can she study languages there, the surrounding area is becoming a very lively part of the Haidian District of Beijing.

Jerry: Really? How is it lively?

Fei: There are lots of shops and markets, as well as Korean and Japanese restaurants. Last week I went to an "all you can eat" Japanese restaurant near Beiyu. It was wonderful!

Jerry: So maybe my cousin will end up learning more Japanese or Korean than Chinese.

Fei: Or she'll practice more English! Both Beiwai and Beiyu have many students who are learning English and will want to practice with your cousin.

Jerry: Hmmm... All of these universities sound good, but none is ideal. There must be another choice.

Fei: Oh, I know! Your cousin can go to Beihang to study Chinese!

Jerry: Go to Beihang? But that's the Aeronautics University. Why should she study there?

Fei: At Beihang, your cousin will be able to speak only Chinese. Besides, they have a wonderful little park in the middle of the campus and they have lots of tennis courts.

Jerry: Wonderful! My cousin can find a tennis partner who is also a Chinese teacher. I think that will be fun!

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