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Cycling in the City

Fei and Jerry are looking at a map of Beijing, planning a long ride through the city.

Fei: To commence, we'll set off from the Aeronautics University North Gate at 9 o'clock sharp and proceed east along the Fourth Ring Road.

Jerry: Fei, you're so formal! Can't you just say "leave" and "go east"?

Fei: Listen Jerry, I'm the Pilot on this trip, you're just the Co-Pilot. Got it?

Jerry: Yes Sir. Uh, I mean Yes Ma'am!

Fei: That's "Yes Captain" to you!

Jerry: Okay, yes Captain!

Fei: That's better. We'll turn right here, at Beichen Street and proceed south towards the center of the city.

Jerry: What is this place here? It's called China Ethnic Park.

Fei: That's a kind of "theme park" where you can learn all about the 56 different ethnic groups of China.

Jerry: Are there really 56 different groups? Everyone in China just looks Chinese to me!

Fei: You have to look more closely. Some people you see are Mongolian or Uygur or Hui or Dai. They are all Chinese, but they are not Han Chinese.

Jerry: Oh, I see. You are not only a good Captain, you're a good teacher too, Fei.

Fei: Maybe we can stop at the China Ethnic Park for a short time and take a look around. Then we'll continue south and we have two options. We can turn left and ride along a canal that follows the Second Ring Road, or we can continue straight past Hou Hai.

Jerry: Well, I've seen Hou Hai. How about if we turn left?

Fei: Good choice! We'll be able to visit the Yonghegong Temple. It's the biggest Tibetan temple outside of Tibet. We might even have the chance to do some sitting meditation, to clear our minds.

Jerry: I don't think I'll be able to sit after riding all that way! Maybe I can do some standing meditation.

Fei: Good enough! After that, we'll be ready to go south and go east on Ghost Street.

Jerry: What? Will we see any ghosts there?

Fei: Don't worry Jerry, I'll protect you!

Jerry: Thank you, Captain Fei. But why is it called Ghost Street?

Fei: I think it's because there are many restaurants open 24 hours a day, so hungry people go there late at night, just like ghosts seeking a meal.

Jerry: And we will be exhausted cyclists, like ghosts seeking a rest!

Fei: Not to worry, Jerry. Ghost Street is very close to our destination. We'll go straight east and after we pass the Second Ring Road, we'll be at my friend's house. She'll have a big feast waiting for us.

Jerry: How long is this whole trip going to take.

Fei: Only about 2 hours. Maybe 2 and half.

Jerry: I'm not sure I can cycle that long!

Fei: Just think of the delicious food that awaits us. Then, after a great meal, we'll be ready to cycle back home.

Jerry: Back home? No way! I think I'll just stay at home and rest.

Fei: Not a chance, Lazy Bones! We've made our plans. Now let's just do it...

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