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Winter Wonderland!

Jerry and Fei are walking down the street on a cold, windy Beijing afternoon.

Fei: It's so cold, I can't stop shivering! I hate winter!

Jerry: Oh, it's not so bad. I mean, it could be worse. Imagine if you lived in Heilongjiang or somewhere like that.

Fei: Well, what's winter like in New York? It must be better than here in Beijing.

Jerry: Actually, it's worse! Not only is it colder with more snow, but winter lasts longer as well.

Fei: That sounds terrible. People there must be happy when February comes around. They can really look forward to spring.

Jerry: Actually, February is the worst month of the winter. And we usually have snow in March, often in April too. In a very bad winter, we can even have snow in May!

Fei: Oh, that's terrible! How can people live there?

Jerry: Believe it or not, many people look forward to winter.

Fei: That's hard to believe. Who would be so crazy?

Jerry: People who love to ski or ice skate would be so crazy. For them, winter is the best season of the year.

Fei: I guess I can understand their feelings. Maybe I should learn to ski or ice skate.

Jerry: I used to ice skate a lot when I was younger. Is there any place we can go ice skating in Beijing?

Fei: I know of one ice skating rink, in Guo Mao.

Jerry: You mean, we can go skating in the shopping center?

Fei: Yes, there's a rink right in the middle! People skate in the basement, while people on the first floor can watch them from above.

Jerry: Maybe we should go there once, just to try it.

Fei: Well, it's a bit expensive. Oh, I know! We can go to Hou Hai to skate! It's much cheaper.

Jerry: It's cheaper to skate on the pond, but wouldn't you get cold skating outside?

Fei: It's no problem, I could just wear more clothes. You know, maybe I'll start to enjoy winter!

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