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One of Teacher Joe's students asked this question: "I sometimes silently talk to myself in English. Is this kind of practice useful?". Teacher Joe has two answers to this question. The first answer is that "self talk" alone is not very useful. You can't learn anything new by talking to yourself and you might make many mistakes. Joe's second answer, however, is that, if you combine "self talk" with other study, it is very useful. In this case, self talk gives you the chance to practice all of the new words and sentences you are studying.

"Thinking in English" is a very useful skill that will allow you to speak easily and naturally in any situation. By talking to yourself, even if you don't use your voice, you are thinking in English and making an impression on your brain, just the same way you would if you were speaking aloud.

If you make mistakes, it isn't such a bad thing, if you are aware of your possible mistakes. When you are studying every day, compare the sentences you study with the sentences you use when you talk to yourself and you will, over time, learn to choose the correct sentences. As long as you don't believe you are perfect (of course, nobody's perfect!) your English will surely improve.

Try using self talk in English anytime, anywhere, in addition to your regular study from textbooks or other materials. Easier, smoother, more fluent English can be yours!

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