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English Grammar Pattern 79
(1) "Tell" + (2) "Should" + (3) Verb

Model Sentence
(1) Tell your brother he (2) should (3) arrive early if he wants to get a seat.

Grammar Pattern 79 uses English Grammar Pattern 78 but adds another verb at the beginning. In the model, we use "Tell" but we could use any similar verb such as "Ask", "Announce to" (more formal), or "Remind". Instead of telling your suggestion to somebody directly, you can tell someone else to make your suggestion instead!

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. Tell your friend he should come here with you.
2. Tell her she should come to visit more often.
3. Tell them to check the weather forecast before going out today.
4. Tell the teacher she should give homework earlier so you can finish it on time.
5. Tell Joe he should make more lessons so we can improve our English more!
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. What should you tell your coworker if you want finish your project quickly?
2. What should we tell the salesman if we want to buy the best computer?
3. What should we say to the doctor if we have a very bad sore throat?
4. What should we tell our neighbor if we want his dog to stop eating our flowers?
5. What should you tell the teacher to help you understand better?

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