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English Grammar Pattern 73
Negative Past Event + Positive Past Event
(1) "Had not" + (2) Past Participle + (3) Past

Model Sentence
She (1) hadn't (2) studied English since she (3) started her new job last month.

English Grammar Pattern 73 is similar to English Grammar Pattern 72 but starts with a negative verb. (Pattern 73 is also called the "past perfect" tense.) This shows that the first verb DID NOT happen at all until the time of the second verb. The examples below are better than any explanation, so learn them well!

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. She hadn't slept since she heard the news
2. I hadn't called her since she said good-bye.
3. I hadn't visited New York in several years until I went there last weekend.
4. We hadn't eaten roast duck in a long time before having it last night.
5. We hadn't seen her in a month until she visited us yesterday afteroon.
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. Is there something you hadn't done before the age of 16?
2. What hadn't you done before you became 21?
3. What hadn't you seen before starting your first job?
4. Is there anything you hadn't thought about before you saw it on TV?
5. Is there something you hadn't tried before you started these lessons?

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