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Grammar Pattern 28
Long Noun + Long Verb + Adjective or Adverb

Model Sentence
A yellow bird was flying quickly across the sky

Now that we have mastered Sentence Pattern 27, we can add an adverb or adjective at the end to make even more interesting sentences. The examples below are enough to show you how...

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. The happy students have been studying hard.
2. Three teachers are talking to tired students.
3. A fat cat is looking for some little mice.
4. A driver of a fast car cannot stop very quickly.
5. Good students from London are thinking about a large, delicious dinner!

Conversation Practice - Answer these questions with a full sentence.

1. How do happy workers do their jobs?
2. What do fat cats often look for?
3. What kind of students think about really special dinners?
4. How easily can a driver of a big car change directions?
5. What kind of students need help from their hard working teachers?

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