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Grammar Pattern 25
Noun + Verb + Manner

Model Sentence
My students are learning quickly

Sentence Pattern 25 is similar to Patterns 23 and 24. The only difference is that the last part shows the "manner", or "how" the action is done. This is a very common pattern used in conversations, so discussion questions are included at the end. In this pattern, it is often possible to move the "manner" (the final adverb or adverbial phrase) in front of the verb. Those possibilities are shown below after each practice sentence.

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. Birds are flying slowly. (The birds are slowly flying.)
2. The children were eating hungrily. (The children were hungrily eating.)
3. Those children play noisily. (Those children noisily play.)
4. My friends work eagerly. (My friends eagerly work.)
5. Can you finish your work in less than an hour?

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. How do fish usually swim? (quickly? slowly?)
2. How well did you learn as a student? (slowly? eagerly?)
3. Do your friends study actively?
4. Will you speak English fluently in 3 years?
5. Did you study hard as a high school student? (Do NOT use "hardly" here. "Hardly" is a special word in English that means "not very much"!)

Discussion Questions Give longer answers to these questions.

1. Can you speak English fluently now?
2. How will you learn to speak English better?
3. Do you always work hard at your job?
4. What activities do you do enthusiastically?

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