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Grammar Pattern 23
Noun + Verb + Adjective

Model Sentence
We are very busy

Pattern 23 is basically quite easy. However, the adjective at the end can sometimes be a phrase that is quite long. The adjective in the Model Sentence above is "busy", but it could also be "very busy" or "really very busy" or even "so busy that we cannot get all of our work done today"!

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. They are hungry.
2. They are not very hungry.
3. The teachers are lazy.
4. The teachers are very lazy.
5. The teachers are not very lazy.
6. She seems very happy.
7. Your sisters seems to be very happy.

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. Are you tired now?
2. How do you feel today?
3. Were your high school teachers hard working?
4. Is your boss hard working or lazy?
5. You seem to be very happy. Are you?

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