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Grammar Pattern 22
Noun + Verb + "ing" + Verb + Noun

Model Sentence
She remembers dancing under the stars

Pattern 22 has two verbs together in the middle of each sentence, with the second verb using "ing". In the Model Sentence above, the verb "remembers" is followed by "dancing". Besides "remember", other common verbs that are followed by "ing" are "enjoy", "prefer" "consider" and sometimes "like". Verb phrases, such as "think about" or "believe in" can also be followed by a verb with "ing". In some ways, the second verb with "ing" functions as a noun - we "enjoy something" or "prefer something" or "remember something".

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. He enjoys playing tennis.
2. Do you enjoy reading?
3. What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?
4. I tried studying Japanese.
5. We remember visiting Washington three years ago.
6. They like swimming very much. (The verb "like" can be followed by "to" OR "ing"!)

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. Do you enjoy playing tennis?
2. What sport do you enjoy playing the most?
3. Do you try learning many new things?
4. Can you remember doing anything special last week?
5. What do you remember thinking when you started learning English?
6. Do you like studying English?
7. What do you like studying besides English?

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