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Grammar Pattern 5: Tag Questions

Model Sentence
This is a good book, isn't it

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each question and answer out loud!

1. This book is mine, isn't it? ("Yes it is." / "No it isn't.")
2. That car is yours, isn't that right? ("Yes that's right" / "Yes it's mine" / "No it's not mine")
3. This house is theirs, isn't it? ("Yes it is" / "No it isn't")
4. This phone number is hers, isn't it? ("Yes it is"/"Yes that's right"/"No it isn't")
5. You are from London, aren't you? ("Yes I am" / "No I'm not")
6. We have enough time, don't we? ("Yes we do" / "No we don't!")
7. You can speak German, can't you? ("Yes I can" / "No I can't")
8. They will come tomorrow, won't they? ("Yes they will" / "No they won't")

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. You can understand English well, can't you?
2. Learning sentence patterns is good practice, isn't it?
3. We should listen to English more, shouldn't we?
4. Your job is interesting, isn't it?
5. If we keep trying, we'll surely succeed, won't we?

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