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Grammar Pattern 3: Basic "How" Questions

Model Sentence:
How do you study English now

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each question out loud!

1. How do you go to work every day?
2. How old are you?
3. How tall are you?
4. How can I buy a ticket?
5. How do you feel this afternoon?
6. How is your stomach?
7. How are your parents doing?
8. How is your new job going?
9. How often do you go to the movies?
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. How do you like your job? (I like it a lot. Or I don't like it very much.)
2. How are you feeling today? (I'm feeling better than yesterday.)
3. How is the weather today? (It's warm and sunny a beautiful day!)
4. How fast can you run? (I can't run very fast! Or I can run pretty fast.)
5. How often do you study English? (I often study. / I study every day. / I don't study very often. / I frequently study. / I rarely study.)

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