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Grammar Pattern 2: W Questions
["W" word + part of "Yes/No" Question]

Model Sentence:
What languages can you speak

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each question and answer out loud!

1. What / is your name? (My name is ~ .)
2. What / can you / do well? (I can ~ very well.)
3. Where / are you from? (I am from ~ .)
4. Where / will you go / tomorrow? (I will go to ~ .)
5. When / did you / wake up / this morning? (I woke up at ~ o'clock.)
6. When is your birthday? (My birthday is in ~ .)
7. Who is your favorite singer? (My favorite singer is ~ .)
8. Who will come with us? ( ~ and ~ will come with us.)
9. Why are you studying English now? (I am studying English because ~ . )
10. Why were they so happy? (They were so happy because ~ .)

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. What do you like to do in your free time?
2. What will you eat for dinner tonight?
3. Where do you buy fruits and vegetables?
4. Where is the best place to visit in winter?
5. Who was your favorite teacher in school?
6. Who is the most popular singer in your country?
7. When was your last vacation? (My last vacation was in ~ .)
8. When do you prefer to study, in the morning or in the evening?
9. Why are you sleeping so late? (I'm sleeping so late because...)
10. Why are you walking to your school? (I'm walking because...)

Discussions - Give longer answers to these questions.

1. What is the most exciting movie you have ever seen?
2. When is the coldest weather in your hometown?
3. Where do you like to go on a warm summer's day?
4. Who do you like to talk to when you have a problem?
5. Why do you want to learn English?

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