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Negotiate in English

20 Key Words from www.teacherjoe.us

1. alternatives - any other choices a person or group has, rather then agreeing with the other person or group
Example: "We can ask them to do A if we do B, but they have many alternatives."

2. arbitration - when a neutral person or group comes in to settle a disagreement
Example: "If we can't agree by midnight tomorrow, this case will go to arbitration."

3. commitment - an obligation to do something or deliver something
Example: "We've made a commitment on this point. If we don't do it, the agreement will fall apart."

4. compromise - an agreement where you get less than you want but also give less than the other person wants
Example: "If we don't compromise, this deal will never get done."

5. concession - accepting less on one specific point in order to get something from the other person on a different point
Example: "Okay, you've made a concession on price, so we can make a concession on the delivery date."

6. confidentiality - an agreement that prevents either side from talking about the agreement in public
Example: "I'm sorry but our confidentiality agreement prevents me from answering your questions in detail."

7. equivalent - a proprosed agreement that is different from, but equal in value to, a previous proposal
Example: "We can't agree to that proposal, but here we would like to suggest an equivalent package for you to consider."

8. facilitation - a process where people, called facilitators, try to make it easier for two people to reach an agreement
Example: "You may not reach a better agreement with facilitation, but you will reach an agreement faster."

9. final agreement - the results of the negotation that everyone agrees to put into action
Example: "After six long months, we now have a final agreement."

10. good faith - being honest about your intentions
Example: "If we negotiate in good faith, we are sure to reach an agreement eventually."

11. impasse - when two sides hold different positions that they are unwilling to change
Example: "We were close to an agreement but we suddenly hit an impasse over payment terms."

12. intermediary - a person who communicates between the two sides of a negotiation
Example: "They've been negotiating through an intermediary after that big argument last week."

13. issue - a topic that needs to be discussed in a negotiation
Example: "Money is the biggest issue in this negotiation, but resources and responsibilities are important issues too."

14. mediation - when a neutral person or group comes in to identify the issues, explore options and clarify goals
Example: "If we use mediation, it may help to move the negotiations forward."

15. offer - one or more options that is sent by one negotiator to the other
Example: "Let's offer them a one-year service contract and see how they respond."

16. package - a combination of options that has been offered as a solution
Example: "John put this package together last night. Let's look at each option and see if we really want to offer this."

17. party - either side in a negotiation is called a party, whether one individual or a whole group
Example: "If party A accepts party B's proposal, then the negotiation is finished."

18. proposal - any suggestion or idea given to one party from the other
Example: "We'll look at your proposal during the coming week and give you our response the following Monday."

19. tentative solution - an agreement that depends on some conditions, so that it might not be a final agreement
Example: "At last we've reached a tentative agreement. Perhaps these long negotiations will be over soon."

20. trade-off - an exchange process in which one side gives up partly on some issues in order to gain on other issues
Example: "There are always trade-offs when negotiating. You can't win them all!"

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